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How can Swan Consulting help keep your website secure and online 24-7?

We understand that while you may be an expert in your business, you may not have the technical knowledge to keep your website maintained properly on the internet. With managed hosting, we make sure your online home is functioning properly at all times.

Domain Management

Your name is your reputation. We advise on domain names and manage them for you.

Website Hosting

We host your site for you, including security, backups, load balancing and redundancy/failover.

Technical Maintenance

We provide you with ongoing technical support to ensure your website platform is always up to date.

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What is Managed Hosting?

Websites are hosted on computers, much like your office is located in a building of some kind. Many people assume that if they pay for hosting, then their website will be well looked after. But you wouldn’t think that your office building could go for years without any maintenance, would you?

When you pay for managed hosting, you are paying someone to look after the technical maintenance of your website infrastructure. This frees you up to focus on your website content and running your business, without worrying if your website will go offline or be compromised by hackers.

Managed hosting can also include ongoing technical support for your completed website. This includes updates to your website platform, maintenance and security, technical consultation on your hosting infrastructure and any structural design changes you may be considering on your website.

Think of Swan Consulting as your Building Maintenance Manager, making sure that your office is secure and everything in it works properly.


Why Use Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting allows us to do the following for you:

  • Actively monitor logins to your site

  • Ensure WordPress site plugins are up to date

  • Ensure WordPress framework is up to date

  • Monitor up/down state of your site

  • Ensure recaptcha for logins/forms is working

  • Ensure the environment is stable*

  • Daily backup of your site data*

  • Weekly backup of your site content eg. images*

  • Ensure your site security certificate is valid and active*

  • Ensure your site is responding*

*If SWAN does not host the site, then these cannot be guaranteed.


What Does SWAN Offer for Hosting?

As part of our final solutions, we offer a load-balanced, managed hosting solution which is robust and scalable. This includes daily off-site backups and an optional hot-site for any mission-critical applications.

This service includes security such as SSL certificates, backups, load balancing and redundancy/failover, which means if one server dies, there is a backup. Backups are also moved off-site, so if the infrastructure is unavailable, it is possible to do a quick recovery. We do the work on your behalf to ensure 99% uptime, meaning that your site is always available on the internet and that it is working as expected.

Depending on the type of service, we also offer a hot-site option. This means that a backup site is hosted on a completely different infrastructure. It is unlikely that both will go down at the same time – unless it is World War 3 or we’re invaded by aliens! When one site is unavailable, we can switch over to the other site and get you back operational with reasonably little downtime.


What Does SWAN Charge for Hosting?

The first 12 month’s managed hosting costs are generally included in our website development proposals. Outside of that, you can choose both hosting and technical support, or either one, to suit your needs and budget.

Costing is fairly standard and is determined by your site size, anticipated traffic volume and storage requirements. Our fees are charged monthly in advance. However, we offer up to 10% discount for annual fees paid upfront.

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