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How can Swan Consulting help your business get found online?

Do you wonder if people are seeing your content online? Are you worrying that your website isn’t performing for your business?

Search Engine Optimisation can sound complex and confusing. Our aim is to take the mystery out of it and help your business get found on Google by the right people at the right time.

SEO Audits

We provide free mini SEO audits and full paid SEO audits for your website. You are welcome to take and implement our recommendations yourself.

Website SEO

We set your website up for success by implementing SEO best practices and giving you advice for ongoing website maintenance. We make sure Google likes you!

SEO Management

We use SEO to help your website be found online on Google and other search engines. This is a monthly service running for a min. of 6 months.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art & science of implementing techniques to help your website rank better on search. And the higher your ranking, the more visitors to your website – and hopefully the more clients to your invoicing system!

The biggest search engine by far is Google and so most of our efforts are focused here. Google’s main aim with their search algorithm and its continuous adjustments is really all about giving internet users a better experience ie. what they want when they search for it.

SEO consists of both technical and creative content components and can be divided into on-page and off-page SEO as well. SEO isn’t rocket science – but it does require a detailed, consistent approach.

The team at Swan Consulting is familiar with these SEO techniques and will use a combination of them to help your business grow.

Why Do You Need SEO?

SEO is essential to your business if part of your revenue model relies on people finding your website online.

If your ideal customers are using Google Search to look for your services or products or related information, then they need to find you in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) – preferably at the top of page 1!

Your competitors are probably also online, so you need to make sure that your website is focused on what your ideal customers are searching for so that they find you, and trust you, instead. But before you blindly launch into SEO, it is important to first conduct proper research and planning to ensure your effort isn’t wasted.

Just like with a car engine, your website needs to be maintained and tuned for maximum efficiency.

How Does SWAN Approach SEO?

We believe that SEO is all about building your brand steadily and consistently. Many people will promise you instant results, but in general SEO is part of a medium to long term strategy and results can take 6-12 months to be achieved.

If you appoint us to help your business with SEO, we will first conduct a website audit and make recommendations for all digital efforts. We need to fix all the obvious technical issues first, and then we start to implement your SEO strategy.

We will provide you with our monthly reports that summarise all SEO actions taken and results achieved, and make recommendations for the next actions based on available data and our experience.

SWAN doesn’t use gimmicks or follow fads, but we do keep up with the latest trends and information to make sure that Google likes you!


How Do You Know If SEO Is Working?

In order to make informed decisions on any online efforts and money spent, you need to measure and analyse all the relevant data at your disposal. It is easier to measure your ROI with digital marketing than with traditional marketing.

If you appoint us to help your business with SEO, we install and monitor different analytics solutions to keep track of what is happening on your website and on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

SEO should be part of your overall digital marketing strategy and needs continuous monitoring and adjustment.

Over time you should see your website start to rank on Search for the search terms that are important to your business.