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How can Swan Consulting help your business with software development and app design?

Swan Consulting has decades of web and software development experience and we can design and build a custom software product or mobile app to suit your specific business needs.

We specialise in web development using Microsoft.Net technology stacks or Open-source technology stacks. We typically deliver full-stack solutions as a final product or managed solution. Our goal is to provide you with the best service your money can buy.

Mobile App Design

We can take your idea for a mobile app and turn it into a reality.

In-House Software

We can develop software to automate your business processes if there is nothing suitable on the market already.

Software Product

We can help you to develop a custom software product to take to market.

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What is Software Development?

Software development is the process of creating software programs that run on computers, tablets and mobile phones. It is sometimes called application development or software design. There are many different programming languages that programs can be written in and the choice is a combination of the type of program being written and the skills of the software developers.

Software refers to the programs running on your computer that perform required tasks by following a set of processes. You may be using software to manage your inventory, do your bookkeeping or keep track of your customer records. Any apps you use on your smartphone are just software programs written specifically for phones.

Swan Consulting has decades of software and app development experience and we can design and build a custom software product to suit your specific business needs.


Why Do You Need Custom Software?

Having a computer-based program to automate your business processes will:

  • Ensure accuracy

  • Reduce time-consuming tasks

  • Provide information security

  • Facilitate easy communication

  • Allow online collaboration

  • And so much more…

Or perhaps you have a business idea for software or a mobile app, but don’t have the technical skills to take it further?

SWAN can give you advice on your next steps and help you to build the next viral app that could become a household name.


SWAN Front-end Development Skills

We use purpose-built application frameworks such as AngularJs, ReactJs, (includes HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and numerous Javascript libraries), public-facing websites and web applications. We can also provide customised WordPress templates.

SWAN Back-end Development Skills

We use RESTful web services with database integration such as SQLServer, MySQL (MariaDb) or MongoDb. We also provide architecture and security and can meet your server OS and hardware requirements.