Swan Consulting offers a managed hosting solution as part of our deliverables - the first 6 month's costs are generally included in our web development proposal. We do the work on your behalf to ensure 99% uptime, meaning that your site is always available on the internet and that it is working as expected. You can choose both hosting and technical support, or either one, to suit your needs and budget.

Costing is fairly standard and is determined by your site size, anticipated traffic volume and storage requirements.


We can host your site for you.  This service includes security (such as SSL certificates), backups, load balancing and redundancy/ failover (meaning if one server dies, there is a backup). Backups are also moved offsite, so if the infrastructure is unavailable, it is possible to do a quick recovery.

*Check out hosting pricing plans*

Technical Support

We provide you with ongoing technical support for your completed website. This includes updates to your website platform, maintenance & security, and technical consultation on your hosting infrastructure and any structural design changes you may be considering on your website.

*check out support pricing*

Depending on the type of service, we also offer a hot-site option (usually on top of the hosting fees). This means that a backup site is hosted on a completely different infrastructure. It is unlikely that both will go down at the same time (unless it is World War 3 or we're invaded by aliens!) When one site is unavailable, we can switch over to the other site and get you back operational with reasonably little down-time.

Technical Support Pricing Plans


4 hours/month




8 hours/month



5% discount for annual fee paid upfront


10 hours/month



10% discount for annual fee paid upfront